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Current New York State Drive-Ins

Listed below are drive-ins currently operating near the Rochester, NY, and one I've visted in northern New York. Click their names to visit their websites.
For a more complete list of open drive-ins in New York state, visit this page

Bay: A 2 screen theater in Alexandria Bay, NY. Click HERE for my Bay Drive-In page!

Finger Lakes: Clark Street Road, Auburn, NY 13021

Silver Lake Twin: Built as a 420 car theater in 1949, located in Wyoming County on Route 39 in Perry, NY. Added "Twin" to the theater's name in 2000 when they opened their second screen. When I went there in '93, the front of the main screen's lot still had working car speakers, but there is FM stereo radio sound as well. There is a miniature golf course, concession stand/snack bar, full restaurant, ice cream shop, and other great add-ons to a drive-in experience. Always first-run movies. Owned by Jake Stefanon since 1966, and operated by his son Rick Stefanon.

Sunset: A 3 screen theater on Route 31 in Middleport, NY

Transit: A 4 screen theater on Route 78 (Transit Road) in Lockport, NY. Click HERE to see the pictures I took on my June 1st, 2001 visit to this theatre.

Vintage: A 3 screen theater built in 1997 on Route 15 in East Avon, NY

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