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Past Drive-In Theaters
Rochester, New York

Even though drive-ins make up a huge part of past American culture and even some present, none have ever been recognized as landmarks. Sadly, Monroe County's 7 Drive-In theaters are no longer in existence. I have compiled the information on the following pages from my own knowledge and research to keep their memory alive, and the memories of the good times spent at them. More information and pictures will be added as I find them. Click on the theater's name to get more information on that particular theater.

If you can provide any information and/or pictures about these theaters, 
   PLEASE send me an e-mail!!!
Your submissions will be greatly appreciated,  
  and credit will be given to your name if you wish! 

Lakeshore: This is the only theater that I was able to attend in Rochester,
so most of my research is on this theater.

Central | Empire | North Park

Rochester | Starlite | Washington

Rose City: Route 31 just as you come into Newark, NY. Remants can still be found in the weeds.
Roseland: Canandaigua, NY.

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