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Bay Drive-In

    For a complete description of the history, location, and current shows playing at the Bay Drive-In, please visit the theatre's web site located at:

The Bay Drive-In theater is located on Route 26, Alexandria Bay, NY 13607. Phone (315) 482-3874. It was built as a 300 car drive-in theater in 1968, and now boasts a second screen and an indoor seating area for 60. Present owners since 1982 are Tom, Howard, and Sarah Wade. "Cinema II" was built in 1999, and the indoor seating area which faces the original screen, was built in 1992 next to the concession area. The original cinema has a Selby Tower Screen, some working speakers, AM channel 600, stereo FM radio 106.1, completely remodeled self-serve concession area and Century projection equipment. The new theater holds around another 300 cars making the total capacity of both cinemas around 600 cars. Cinema II has stereo radio FM sound on 92.3. The owners plan on adding speakers to this new cinema in the future. The Bay is in operation from May until October and is a first-run drive-in theater. Great place to visit if you're vacationing in the 1000 Islands in northern New York state. (Information taken in part from , and the rest directly from the owner)

I took pictures of the theater in August 1993, saw my first show there in August 1995, and visited again in August 1999. If you have any pictures of this theater, or have visited it and would like to send along any comments or suggestions to the owners, please send me an e-mail!!

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Cinema I Screen from 1993

Marquee from 1993

Cinema I screen from 1999

Cinema II "Future Site" sign  - 1999 (courtesy of Tracy Felder)

Cinema II first night of operation  - 1999 (courtesy of Tracy Felder)

Cinema II  - 1999 (courtesy of Tracy Felder)

Cinema II at night  - 1999 (courtesy of Tracy Felder)

Concession stand from behind the counter - 1999 (courtesy of Tracy Felder)

Concession stand - 1999: from right 

                                                from left

"wide view" from 1999

Marquee from 1999

Cinema I projection room:    Picture #1   

                                           Picture #2

Me standing against a speaker in Cinema I with my new Bay Drive-In shirt

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